Lapland Hotel Äkäshotelli

Äkäslompolo is a genuine Lapland village located in the midst of seven fells, at the base of Ylläs. All services from health care to shops are nearby, and gorgeous trails and ski tracks start right outside the hotel.

Lapland Hotel Äkäshotelli

Lapland Hotel Äkäshotel offers everything for the grown-up taste to make you feel good and for an active holiday in Äkäslompolo, in an authentic village environment; from the slopes to the pampering treatments or the mini spa and in the evenings there’s the nationally acclaimed Pirtukirkko for entertainment!
Ylläs has something going on throughout the year, witnessed by the new Nordic walking park.

Pamper yourself

Feelgood represents relaxation and, well, feeling good. To make this possible at Äkäshotelli we have invested in various pampering treatments and exercise facilities to complement outdoor activities.

DISTANCES: Airport (Kittilä) 45 min, railway station (Kolari) 30 min.


Äkäsentie 10 95970 Äkäslompolo
+358 16 553 000
+358 16 553 368
Opening Hours:

Lapland Hotel Äkäshotelli is open between 29.8 and 28.9.2014 and from November 21st, 2014 on. 

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Hotel, Bar / Pub, Apartment, Apartment Hotel, Cabin, Ravintola
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Suomi, Englanti
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Transport Connections
icon Kittilä
45 km 1 h
icon Rovaniemi
220 km 2 h
icon Kemi
250 km 3 h
icon Kolari
42 km 1/2 h
icon Rovaniemi
220 km 2 h
icon Tornio
210 km 2,5 h
icon Äkäslompolo
0,1 km
icon Restaurant
0,1 m 1min
icon Shop
0,5 km 5 min
icon Ski lift
3 km
icon Cross-country skiing tracks
0,1 m 1 min
icon Snowmobile tracks
0,5 km 10 min
icon Hiking trails
20 m 3 min


TAKE AWAY!   (016) 553 304

Neljä tuulta  11,90
Lapin leipäjuustoa, Kuusamo-savujuustoa, mozzarellaa, parmesaania ja pestoa
Lappish cheese, smoked cheese, mozzarella, parmesan and pesto

Väylä  12,60
Kylmäsavustettua lohta, punasipulia ja fetajuustoa
Cold smoked salmon, red onion and feta

Kitka 12,20
Marinoitua Kitkan savumuikkua, sipulia, Kuusamo savujuustoa ja persiljaa
Marinated smoked vendaces, onion, smoked cheese and parsley

Etelänriekko  12,40
Broilerin filettä, aurinkokuivattua tomaattia, pekonia ja paprikaa
Chicken fillet, sun dried tomatoes, bacon and sweet pepper

Poromies  12,20
Poronkäristystä Unarin luusuasta, hillosipulia ja marinoituja haapasieniä Kittilästä
Reindeer kebab meat, pickled onions and marinated wild mushrooms

Kota 12,80
Smoked reindeer
Mustosen Eerikin savustamaa poroa, suolakurkkua, paahdettua sipulia ja tuoretta tomaattia
Smoked reindeer, pickled cucumber, roasted onion and tomato slices

Junan tuoma   11,90
Kinkkua, ananasta ja sinihomejuustoa
Ham, pine apple and blue cheese

Oman maun mukhan 13,00
Valitse 1-4 täytettä makusi mukaan
1-4 toppings of your choice

Lisätäyte  Extra topping 1,00

  • tomaatti, paprika, sipuli, punasipuli, hillosipuli, paahdettu sipuli, oliivi, ananas, aurinkokuivattu tomaatti, suolakurkku, marinoitu haapasieni, lapin leipäjuusto, Kuusamo savujuusto, parmesan, feta, sinihomejuusto,
    savuporo, poronkäristys, broilerin file, kylmäsavulohi, marinoitu savumuikku, pekoni, kinkku
  • tomato, sweet pepper, onion, red onion, pickled onion, roasted onion, olive, pine apple, sun dried tomato, pickled cucumber, marinated wild mushroom lappish cheese, smoked cheese, parmesan, feta, blue cheese smoked reindeer, reindeer kebab meat, chicken fillet, cold smoked salmon, marinated vendace, bacon, ham  

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Tourist Information +358 (0)40 550 2424