Kellokas Visitor Centre - Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park

Become acquainted with the nature of the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park and its wide range of hiking possibilities. At Kellokas you will find Café , Kellokas Gallery, the Ylläs Travel Association and Ylläs tourist information.

Kellokas Visitor Centre - Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park

Kellokas Visitor Centre at Äkäslompolo is one of the three Visitor Centres in the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park.

Find the nature of the National Park and its wide range of hiking possibilities. In the shop you will find maps of surrounding areas, books, local handicrafts and other products. At Kellokas you will find also Café, Kellokas Gallery, the Ylläs Travel Association and Kolari municipality’s Ylläs tourist information.

Kellokas Visitor Centre in Kolari was expanded into a nature and cultural centre. The development of the area’s culture has always been tied to the area’s natural environment and the possibilities it provides.

This relantionship between nature and culture is the main theme of Kellokas Visitor Centre’s permanent exhibition. The goals of the exhibition are to bring new insight to how dependant people are on nature and for visitors to apply what they learn to their everyday lives.

The richness of the area’s culture can best be seen from the lively, colourful Meän-language spoken on both sides of the river. Today the language is very expressive and it is held in great respect and there is a good deal of support to keep it alive.

We arrange a variety of exhibitions and other events at Kellokas Visitor Centre. Kellokas Gallery is an art gallery run by Artists´ Association Of Lapland.

Kellokas offers conference and congress services all year round. Kellokas has an auditorium which seats 134.

The logging museum situated in the Visitor Centre’s grounds offers the opportunity to become acquainted with the life of a logger.

Visitors can access the Varkaankuru nature trail and Ptarmigan’s round in summer from Kellokas’ yard. Also ski trails can be accessed from there.

Café welcomes you to have a warm cup of coffee in the best views to the fells!

Tunturintie 54 95970 Äkäslompolo
+358 205 64 7039
Opening Hours:

1.12.2014-4.1.2015 Mon-Sun 9am-4pm
Closed 20.-21.12. and 24.-25.12.2014
5.1.-8.2.2015 Mon-Fre   9am-4 pm
Open 31.1.2015 9am-4pm
9.2.-3.5.2015 Mon-Sun 9am-5 pm
4.5.–31.5.  Mon-Fre 9am-4pm
1.6.–23.10. Mon-Sun 9am-5 pm
24.10.–27.11.Mon-Fre 9am-4pm
28.11.–31.12. Mon-Sun 9am-4pm
Suljettu 24-25.12.2015

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Winter comes in colours

Small movie about the northern light season in Finnish Lapland, 5€. On Tuesday´s and Thursday's on 3pm.

Midnight sun goes down and it all begins. Autumn nights reveal the first dance of northern lights. When winter comes the sky is full of colours. Beautiful and unique nature of Finnish Lapland surrounding us makes it magical.
Price 5€/person. Reservations for groups when visitor center is open. 


5 euro (children under 5 years)
Additional Information:

Kuva: AV-Lappi

Kellokas Gallery

Art Exhibition Lea Viita 10.12.-28.1.2015


10.12.2014-28.1.2015 Lea Viita
31.1.-18.3.2015 Hans-Peter Schutt & Maja Breife
21.3.-6.5.2015 Maria Siekas
25.6.-12.8.2015 Jaana Erkkilä
15.8.-30.9.2015 Maija-Riitta Karhulahti
3.10.-18.11.2015 Eija Timonen & Silja Nikula
21.11.2015-6.1.2016 Laura Impola 

The art gallery is run by Artists´ Association Of Lapland  ( From the link you can find more information about the current exhibition.

More information: Visitor Centre Kellokas, kellokas(at)

31.12.2014 (09:00) - 31.12.2014 (16:00)
Free of charge
Target Group:
Yleinen tapahtuma
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More information

Artists' Association of Lapland - Contemporary art in Lapland, Finland

Kellokas - Our Gallery

Art exhibition 29.10.-31.12.2014

1.9.-28.10.2014 Pentti Väänänen
29.10.-31.12.2014 Vuoden Luontokuvat 2013
2.1.-25.2.2015 Hannu Mällinen
2.3.-29.3.2015 Petri Peltonen
Virpi Majuri
Maria Siekas
Kauko Pudas
Kaarina Joki
Vuoden luontokuvat 2014


31.12.2014 (09:00) - 31.12.2014 (16:00)
Target Group:
Yleinen tapahtuma
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Kellokas Visitor Centre tel. +358 205 64 7039


Ahvenainen & Nordlund Accordian concert

Veikko Ahvenainen & carina Nordlund Accordion Concert 2.1.2015 at 7 pm. Welcome!

Upcoming concerts  31.3. and 7.4.2015

13 e/ Adult 8 €/Child
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Yleinen tapahtuma
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Tourist Information +358 (0)40 550 2424