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Ylläs Huipulla Puhaltaa
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The event is open for every photographer, newbie or an old dog, who shares the passion for photography and the attraction towards Lappish nature.
During the weekend the workshop gathers to 7 Fells Hostel for lectures on nature photography techniques and later head out to the fells and forests of Ylläs to try the techniques in action. Depending on the weather, there is a change to shoot the night sky and possibly northern lights!

The event is organised in association with 7 Fells Hostel. The instructors of the workshop are Toni Eskelinen (https://tonieskelinen.com), Eetu Leikas (https://muskovisuals.fi/kaakaolla) and Saara Rahkamaa (https://sheincomer.com/).

We will gladly answer to your all questions. You can send your questions by email to tonieskelinen@outlook.com.
You can register to workshop at https://tonieskelinen.com/workshops.

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