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Festival Dinner Settings: 3-5pm (setting 7-9pm is full)


Salad with pomegranate seeds and cranberry vinaigrette
Wild mushroom salad
Traditional beet root salad and spiced creme
Herring marinated with spruce
Sour cream herring
Deviled eggs topped with shrimp
Whitefish terrine and pickled root vegetables
Slightly salted lingonberry-salmon
Turkey pastrami and blackcurrant compote
Smoked roast beef and horseradish cream
Lappish potato and dill butter


Carrot casserole
Swede casserole
Sweetened potato casserole
Sweet potato and parsnip casserole with coconut milk
Traditional oven baked ham with mustard glaze
Peas and plums
Dark apple sauce
Salmon with morel sauce


House bread selection
Butter, garlic cream cheese & margarine


Sour milk panna cotta and mulled wine marinated berries
Beetroot-chocolate cake and whipped cream
Plum pastry
Coffee and tea


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Sales deprtament
phone no; +358 40 502 6458

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