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Ylläs Kota

Café Restaurant Ylläs Kota – Delicious local cuisine Ylläs Kota is the only one of its kind in the world. Some of our dishes are not available anywhere else. We use Lappish ingredients as far as possible. For example, all vegetables are fresh and unprocessed. Some of our main dishes are prepared of Sami bread Gáhkku. New! Lappish PIZZA with reindeer and moose meat Main courses (for exsample) Kota Wrap You can choose from various fillings, for example sautéed reindeer and mashed Lapland potatoes. Vegetarian and fish options available. L KotaDillas Filled with warm-smoked crushed game crumb made of moose and reindeer meat, mashed potatoes and ‘North sons’ cheese. Fried in grill. L Burger meals Reindeer, Moose, Bear or Beef burgers inklud Chips and salads Desserts Ice cream with for example chocolate sauce, hot fudge sauce and cranberries For children Hamburgers, sausages and mash, hotdogs and many other tasty dishes Á la carte - open 6-9pm Á la carte menu including bear, moose, reindeer and fish. Vegetarian dishes available. Globally well-known dishes with Lappish twist Raclette We use mainly Finnish cheeses, but Raclette cheese is also available and off course reideer meat. Fondue With meat, reindeer meat and reindeer sausage. Alternatively cheese fondue and chocolate fondue. Pizzarette Base is the Sami bread Gáhkku. Customers prepare pizzas by themselves on a small pizza oven. Side dish examples: olives, cheese, pepper, shrimp, salami, game crumb, blue cheese Please note: raclette, fondue and pizzarette must be ordered in advance Lunch We serve daily Lappish goulash soup made of reindeer meat spiced among other things with juniper berries and chili. G, L. In addition to goulash we serve another lunch option. Breakfast Breakfast must be ordered in advance on the previous day and is served from 8am to 11am. Price: 14 €/person. Minimum 5 persons. Warmly welcome! Check our customers’ reviews on TripAdvisor or Facebook! The whole menu in Facebook on name Yllas Kota. Address: Vaeltajantie 2, FI-98980 Ylläsjärvi Tel.+358 400 902 890 Open hours: daily from 11am to 5pm. A la carte (in season)from 6 to 10pm. Other times in advance!