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Smoke sauna

It is said that there are two types of smoke sauna, those which are burned down and those which are never burned down. We have that second one. Our smoke sauna has served our customer since 1993.

To guarantee gentle steams for our customers we warm up the sauna with time and unhurriedly. Hot smoke heats the sauna step by step every corner to make it meditional and after that you can relax and enjoy your primitive feeling. Come to bath in the smoke sauna with time because darkness, gentle steams and quiet ambience takes you far away back to the memories which you might have forget. You can book the smoke sauna for small or bigger groups. At the same time the sauna fits dozen person to forget everydays worries. Sauna makes you always hungry. You can order food and drinks to the dressing room with fireplace because we have licensed. Also we have two different restaurants at our yard, Kivinavetta which is private restaurant with fine dining or Haltiakammi A´la Carte restaurant with elfs and Northern lights.