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Smoke Sauna

If you really want to go to the deepest part of the soul and tradition of Finnish people you have to experience the gentle heat of the smoke sauna. Our smoke sauna/fireplace lodge, located only 200 metres from Restaurant Poro, is built out of centuries old pine logs. To be a smoke sauna it’s really exeptional: 10 years old and never burnt. Smoke saunas are the original traditional saunas that have become a quite rare and treasured in Finland. They provide a mystical “löyly”, a combination of heat, steam and athmosphere, and are highly prized by sauna aficionados because of the deep relaxation it delivers. “Löyly” in smoke sauna is very gentle and soft, not dry at all. Our sauna building consists of two separate areas each one having approximately 30 square meters of space. The other side has the sauna and a dressing room, on the other side there is the fireplace lodge called Takkaporo. There is enough room for about 10 people to enjoy the sauna and meal on the lodge side. It is also possible to have the meal and drinks arrangements set up in the lodge from Restaurant Poro. Please ask more from Restaurant Poro or call to Timo 040 5440 585 Price, The smoke sauna and Takkaporo: 250 € / a warming + 20 € / person. Min 4 persons. You have at least two hours time to enjoy the gentle heat of the smoke sauna and spend all the evening in Takkaporo.