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Knitting Shop Pirkko Pudas

In the knitting workshop you will find Finnish handicraft products made with skill. The authors are craft professionals from Northern Finland, Lapland.

For example the felting works of Helvi Juujärvi, an artist from Kemijärvi, and the glass works of Irma Kuronen, a glass studio from Kempele, are on display. The hand-woven knitwear comes from Seija Sauko from Karijoki. Marjatta Kenttä from Pello, on the other hand, makes popular poppane textiles. The felted hats are the handicraft of Marja Niiranen from Muhos. Lapland felting art is also made by Ritva Haavikko from Narva, Salla. The knitting workshop is also a real knitting workshop, as Pirkko Pudas weaves beanies, collars and sweaters in the Knitting Shop. The material is Finnish wool, cotton and reindeer bones, the shapes and colors of which reflect the nature of Lapland.