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Hotel Ylläsrinne - Delicious Christmas Eve Dinner at 4-6pm

A wide variety of Christmas delicasies waiting for you - you are warmly welcome to enjoy with us! Please reserve your table in advance.

Christmas Eve Festival Dinner Setting: 4-6pm
Please reserve your table in advace

Gravlax with lime M,G and dill sauce L
Cold smoked salmon (D,G) and horseradish sauce L,G
Fish eggs mousse L,G
Herring delicacies L,G
Marinated shrimps D,G
Roast beef and red onion marinated in hot wine D,G
Arrangement of Lappish salami and fig jam D,G
Turkey marinated in honey and blackcurrant jelly D,G
Smoked reindeer and Lappish cheese salad L,G
Traditional “rosolli” and beetroot cream L,G
Forest mushrooms salad L,G
Potato salad with apple D,G
Green salad with nuts D,G

Christmas ham (G) ang sauce with cognac & mustard L,G
Oven baked salmon with smetana sauce L,G
Dill potatoes L,G
Sweet potato & carrot gratin L
Beetroot L,G
Veggie sticks D,G


Creamy “hilla” (Lappish cloudberry) cake L,G
Lingonberry cheesecake L,G
Traditional Christmas tartlet L
Coffee, tea, mulled wine


Arrangement of breads and spreads L
Gluten free bread also available


Table reservations in advance:

Hotel Ylläsrinne
phone no; +358 40 643 1154

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