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Gallery Kellokas -Riikka Palonen

Artists’ Association of Lapland - Gallery Kellokas Riikka Palonen - Time before time

“In the forest neither time nor names hold any meaning

As I walk silently on these soft and springy paths, I have no sign, label or note shouting to tell the world who or what I am. – It’s a relief. I am just a tiny part, particle. Not important at all, yet still just as important as all the other parts. With me, in me, in the forest, are walking all who are gone and all yet to come, from this world and also from the other.

It’s good to be in the forest. ”

Riikka Palonen (b.1963) is a storyteller, visual artist, bone and horn crafter. She has lived and worked for 25 years herding cows in the forest pastures, so it can be said that she is truly grounded in the woodland. She holds a Master of Arts degree and is a member of the Artists’ Association of Rauma. This exhibition features rugs designed and woven by her, as well as dry pastel paintings and ink drawings. These works are her visions – a glimpse of that forest world through which the artist walks, surrounded by mythical history and folk tales that are as real and relevant as the fox that may meet her on the path today.

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