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Gallery Kellokas

Visitor Centre Kellokas - Art Exhibition, Leena Pylkkö

Sculptor Leena Pylkkö’s works in gallery Kellokas play with the wonder of seeing. What are those people looking at? And what do your own eyes add to what you see? The exhibition offers visual
quizzes and other surprising angles to familiar situations. Many of Pylkkö’s works are a kind of imaginary selfies, albeit made of clay. Due to the flattened perspective typical of these works, they
may look like shapeless lumps from a distance, but an insightful way of presentation opens up when you look closer, when you find the right angle to look at the work. This time, you may also
have to look upwords to find this angle, or the missing parts can be imagined with the mind’s eye. Pylkkö uses clay as material, sometimes shaping it spontaneously and naively, sometimes striving
for precision. Pylkkö’s art portrays people with warm humor, enjoying the forms.

In picture is part of tripartite work, “What now” -figures, clay, 2001 (photographer: Leena Pylkkö)

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