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The seven fells of Ylläs

The seven fells of Ylläs have delighted travelers for centuries. Being some of the oldest hills in the world, they’ve eroded from sharp mountains to round fells through time. Have you topped all seven yet?

Tip! Even if it’s cloudy down in the village, the fell tops could be bathing in the sun above the clouds! See our weather cameras:


Yllästunturi - Kukastunturi - Kesänkitunturi - Kuertunturi - Aakenustunturi - Lainiotunturi - Pyhätunturi

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Info: Moving on the fells

Most of our fells lie in a nature protection area, the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park. If there’s no marked trail leading to your desired destination, kindly wait until winter when snow protects the fragile nature. Thank you for not making new trails in nature. Show respect to our beautiful fells by staying on marked trails.


Yllästunturi Fell, 719m

Reach the top: All year round

Special features: Views that stretch over 100 kilometres. Gondola

Yllästunturi fell is a landmark of western Lapland that can be spotted from far away. 719 metres above sea level and 500 metres above the surrounding terrain, the fell top presents views that stretch over 100 kilometres all over Lapland. By relative relief, Yllästunturi is one of Finland’s great fells.

You can reach the top comfortably by gondola all year round. In summer, walk on a hiking trail or on a ski resort
service roads from both sides of the fell – Ylläs Ski Resort Ylläsjärvi and Ylläs Ski Resort Äkäslompolo – lead to the top. In winter skiers, snowboarders and snowmobilers enjoy the fell landscapes.


Two smaller peaks of Yllästunturi are Keskinenlaki and Kellostapuli. The steep Kellostapuli  is the noble little sister of Ylläs - smallest of its three peaks. Enjoy Kellostapulinkuru gorge between these two peaks on ski trail in winter or on summer trail.


Kukastunturi Fell, 477m

Reach the top: All year round

Special features: One of the easiest to conquer

A three-kilometre gentle ascent on the trail through a pine forest. Up the steepening slope to the treeline and the treeless fell top. That’s it! Kukastunturi fell is one of the easiest to conquer. Stroll to the top without breaking a sweat or get a workout on your way up – it’s up to you.

The views from the top reward the hike. In the north, peaks of Pallastunturi fell catches your eye and in the east, the Lainiotunturi fell is almost within reach. In the south, Yllästunturi fell rises as its most beautiful.

The summer hiking and mountain biking trail leads to the top and in winter, a xc ski trail, snowshoe trail and winter biking trail take you to the highest point.


Kesänkitunturi Fell, 535m

Reach the top: All year round

Special features: Pirunkuru

On the other side of lake Kesänkijärvi rises the rugged Kesänkitunturi fell. In summer, the Pirunkurun ponnistus trail provides breathtaking views over the lake and fells. This straight way to the top will get you winded if you keep a brisk pace. In winter, a xc ski trail and snowshoe trails take you up the gentler slope to the Tahkokuru day trip hut, located at the treeline of the fell.


Kuertunturi Fell, 446m

Reach the top: In winter

Special features: Easy to conquer in winter

In winter the relatively easy Kuertunturi fell snowshoe trail is one of the finest in Ylläs! At the top, the snow covered trees frame the vast landscape. In summer there’s no trail to Kuertunturi fell, making Kesänkitunturi fell a feasible option, for example.


Aakenustunturi, 565m

Reach the top: In summer

Special features: Horseshoe-shaped fell. New wilderness hut along the trail

The long and horseshoe-shaped fell offers a feel for wilderness and natural quietness. In summer, the Aakenustunturi fell can be conquered via the Totovaaran tunturireitti trail that starts from the Totovaara parking area. Alternatively, start from the Pyhäjärvi parking and follow the Vareslaen kierros trail. The newest wilderness hut in Ylläs, the six-person Aakenustupa, is positioned beautifully and is definitely worth a visit!

In winter, a cross-country ski trail goes around the Aakenustunturi fell. Follow the trail to nearby Totovaara hill for amazing views of the chain of fells.


Lainiotunturi Fell, 613m

Reach the top: Only in winter

Special features: Well suited for backcountry skiers and snowboarders

Lainiotunturi fell’s steep slopes rise in the middle of the area. No trails lead to Lainiotunturi, but a crosscountry
ski trail goes around the fell with several mellow resting spots on the way: the Hangaskuru day trip hut, Kotamaja wilderness café and the Karhukota day trip hut. In winter, you can spot backcountry skiers and snowboarders on the slopes of Lainiotunturi fell.


Pyhätunturi Fell, 490m

Reach the top: Only in winter

Special features: Part of restriction zone – avoid moving during snow-free periods

Framing the northern edge of the Ylläs area, the wide Pyhätunturi fell has no trails. The fell is best admired from the Kotamaja wilderness café, lake Pyhäjärvi shore or in winter the cross-country ski trail that goes around it.

Kindly note: the Pyhätunturi fell is part of the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park restriction zone, where camping is prohibited and even accessing it in summer should be avoided. Thank you for not wearing the fragile fell nature.


Fell vocabulary

Fell: Treeless round peak. Finnish: “tunturi"

Mountain: Treeless sharp peak. Finnish: “vuori”

Forested hill: Smaller peak with trees. Finnish: “vaara”

Treeline: The border where trees do not grow because of coldness, dryness or such. In Ylläs, the treeline lies about 380 metres above sea level. Finnish: “puuraja”

Open fell area: Treeless fell area, in other words the area above the treeline. Finnish: “avotunturi”

Kero: Round fell top. For example, Pallastunturi fell has many “keros” aka many peaks. Finnish: “kero, paljakka”


Ps. Remember that piling stones is prohibited (not allowed)! You can often find old, even large piles at the top – please focus on admiring them instead of altering anything. Thank you for leaving no trace in nature.



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