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Ylläs 7 Fells

Yllästunturi Fell, 719m

Yllästunturi fell is a landmark of western Lapland. Being over 500 metres higher than the surrounding terrain, on Yllästunturi one can see way over 100 kilometres away – lots of Lapland. Yllästunturi fell can be conquered from the west by following summer trail and gravel road, from the north by walking along a road or comfortably enjoying the longest gondola ascent in Finland. By special request, the gondola can also function as a sauna, the only one in the world!

Kellostapuli Fell, 503m

The steep Kellostapuli is the noble little sister of Ylläs - one of its three peaks. The top of this fell sister is hard to reach, but the easiest way to conquer her is to climb the fell ridge in the east.

Kukastunturi Fell, 477m

Across the River Äkäsjoki via the Karila suspension bridge. A three kilometer long gentle ascent through a pine forest. Up the steepening slope to the forest border and the treeless upper regions. And voilá – the peak! Stroll to the top slowly without breaking a sweat or run your way up - your choice.

Kesänkitunturi Fell, 535m

A trip to Kesänkitunturi fell is a classic in Ylläs. Fill your bottle with water from a spring in Lake Kesänkijärvi. Walk up the path to the old pine trees. Sit and take a break on a fallen dead tree near the tree line. Climb up Pirunkuru Ravine. From rock to rock. Step by step. Breathtaking scenery. Restlessness is long gone. Time stands still. A raven flies by, breaks the spell and guides you to the Tahkokuru Day Trip Hut. The flames dance in the campfire. On the way back, your step is light.

Kuertunturi Fell, 446m

Kuertunturi is easy to reach from Äkäslompolo in winter time. Winter Trail starts at chappel. Follow marked snowshoeing trail to the top and come back the same way. Note: There is no summer trail to Kuertunturi.

Lainiotunturi Fell, 613m

If you want to leave everyday troubles below you, Lainiotunturi fell is the place for you. Walk past the peak to the stretch of moor on the eastern side of the fell. Settle down. Take off the clothes of everyday. Dress in the clouds; wear the wilderness on your feet. Wrap yourself in a fell blanket. Note: There is no summer nor winter trails to Lainiotunturi.

Pyhätunturi Fell, 490m

Pyhätunturi is best enjoyed from Lake Pyhäjärvi. In winter skiing trails go around the Pyhätunturi.