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By the water

The River Tornio-Muoniojoki

The great River Tornio–Muonionjoki is the longest free-flowing river in Europe. In the river there are rumbling waterfalls, rushing rapids and peaceful small gravel-bed rapids where salmon spawn. The upper reaches of the river divide long stretches of wilderness and the lower reaches run amidst the old cultural landscape of the river valley. The River Tornio–Muonionjoki is a stream of northern life.


Pakasaivo, the famous “Hell of Lapland”, is a ravine lake formed in a bedrock canyon washed by glacial meltwater. Commanding deep respect Pakasaivo is an old worship site. You can acquaint yourself with Pakasaivo by taking the well constructed route to it. Whatever food you take with you on your journey can be eaten comfortably in a big Laplander’s hut.

Äkäsaivo - Kirkkopahta

In a pine forest near the road leading to Pakasaivo lies a lonely erratic block. This is no ordinary rock thrown about by the ice age, however, but a traditional worship site instead.

Kuerlinkka Waterfalls

The gentle flow of the River Kuerjoki turns wild during the last kilometre: the river surges down at the bottom of the grand fell towards the River Äkäsjoki. The dazzling pace climaxes in two “linkkas” i.e. waterfalls from which fishermen of times past hauled trout in a clever style: a willow basket was placed under the waterfall, and fish that failed their jump would fall in that basket.

Lake Kesänkijärvi

Lake Kesänkijärvi, located in the valley between Kesänkitunturi fell and Kellostapuli Ravine, is a uniquely beatiful place. The fish-rich lake is surrounded by old-growth forests and exuberant springs and beset by beautiful gray fell walls. The best way to get to know Lake Kesänkijärvi is to go on a trip on the lake itself.