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Privacy Policy

In this policy, “cookies” refer to cookies and other similar technologies included in the EU Directive concerning the privacy of electronic communications. A cookie is a “file sent by a web server to a host computer’s web browser which enables the server and browser to remain connected even if the physical connection is occasionally disconnected” (source: Data Protection officer).

How cookies are used

Visit Ylläs (Ylläksen Markkinointi Oy) uses a variety of technologies on its website, including cookies. On first visit website asks to choose "Allow all cookies" or "Allow necessary cookies".

If you allow all cookies we can collect and store data when our customers use the service. We do this in order to make our services better. We may also use cookies to target marketing, such as remarketing and the optimisation of marketing.

By choosing "Allow all cookies" Visit Ylläs can automatically collect data on

  • How users use Visit Ylläs’ web pages and mobile applications. Such as the duration and time of their visit, and the search strings, terms and engine through which the site was linked.
  • Which websites and areas of the sites the user visits
  • Technical information concerning the user’s computer or mobile device (including IP address, device ID, physical location, browser, operator and operating system type as well as the related URL addresses).

We use third-party tracking software, such as Google Analytics, Google and Hotjar. These tracking systems also use cookies that are stored on the customer’s computer for the purpose of analysing the use of the website. The information collected with cookies about the use of the Controller’s website, including the IP address, is transferred to and stored on third party servers.

Our digital services may employ social media community functions. Facebook, Google, Twitter and other similar services may collect data on user visits according to their current privacy terms.


What is cookie?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on the customer’s computer. Their purpose is to enable certain functions of webpages. The retention period of cookies on the customer’s devices is divided into two groups: Most cookies are deleted from the customer’s hard disk after the session (session cookies). Some cookies may remain on the customer’s computer. These cookies enable Visit Ylläs (the Controller) to identify the customer’s computer when the customer visits the site again (permanent cookies).

The customer cannot be identified on the basis of cookies alone, but together with other information, it may be possible to link them to a certain customer. In such cases, cookies may be considered personal data. We do not seek to identify customers by using cookies. If identification is possible, it is our duty to ensure that cookie data is processed as personal data in accordance with the applicable data protection laws.

Cookies and other similar technologies do not harm the user’s terminal devices or files. They cannot be used to spread viruses and they do not enable analysis of data on the user’s hard drive.


Cookie management and removal

On first visit website asks to choose "Allow all cookies" or "Allow necessary cookies".

The customer can prevent the installation of cookies in the browser settings. Blocking cookies disables certain functions of the Controller’s website.

Browsers usually enable different methods for preventing the use of cookies and the management of cookie history. The management settings for cookies can typically be found under the “Options”, “Tools” or “Favourites” menus. Service users should be aware that, unless deleted, cookies may be stored for months or even years after the last visit to the website.

For more information on Google Analytics, please visit You can opt out of the data collection performed by Google Analytics by downloading a browser plugin from



Please contact us for more information on the use of cookies on our website. Email: