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How to travel to Ylläs

Ylläs is located 150 km north of the Arctic Circle in Finnish Lapland, in Scandinavia. The Ylläs area consists of two original Lappish villages. Äkäslompolo village is located on the northern side of the Ylläs Fell and Ylläsjärvi village on the southern side. The Scenery road (Maisematie) connects the two villages. More information about local transportation in Ylläs

By Flight

The nearest airport is Kittilä Airport – less than hour drive from Ylläs. There are two airline companies operating from Helsinki (capital of Finland); Finnair and Norwegian. Finnair has flights year around, Norwegian at winter time. There are also direct connections from European cities during the winter season. Finnair has direct flights from Paris, Zürich and London to Kittilä. Lufthansa has flights from München to Kittilä.

Distance from Kittilä airport to Ylläsjärvi village is 40 km and to Äkäslompolo village 55 km. From each flight there is a airport bus connecting to both villages. Outside the main seasons airport transfer is run as taxi service, which you need to book beforehand. See the timetables here.

Alternatively you can fly to Rovaniemi, which is 170 km from Ylläs. From Rovaniemi there are shceduled buss connections to Kittilä and from Kittilä airport you can take the airport buss to Ylläs. 

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By Train to Kolari

You can reach Ylläs also by train from Helsinki. Board the night train in the evening, and in the morning you are already in Ylläs. You can also board the train along the route, like from Tampere or Oulu. Kolari railway station is 35 km from Ylläs and there is bus transportation from each train. The timetables and prices for the bus transfer can be found on  bus operator V. Rundgren Ky website.

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By Bus to Ylläs

There are bus connections to Ylläs across the country. Timetables and tickets are available on Matkahuolto website. Also OnniBus is operating an overnight bussline from Helsinki to Ylläs. Hopp on the buss in the evening and you are at Ylläs in the morning. What’s even better OnniBus has very competitive prices. 

By Car

Naturally you can also drive to Ylläs. Even though we are above the arctic circle, our roads are in good condition. 

When traveling from south, take the route 21/E8 via Tornio to Kolari. Right after Kolari take right to road n.939 to Ylläsjärvi or drive another 10km and then turn right to road n.940 to Äkäslompolo.

Another option is to drive via Rovaniemi to Kittilä on road n.79. After Killitä turn left to road n.939 to Ylläsjärvi. From Ylläsjärvi you can take the scenery road to Äkäslompolo.

Car rental is available for example in Kittilä Airport and Rovaniemi. Also pick up and drop down options are available with most of the companies.