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Renting a snowmobille

If you are really into the snowmobiling scene and ready to test your true explorer skills, then renting a snowmobile might be the thing for you. We recommend first to join a snowmobile safari with a local guide. After feeling comfortable with the snowmobiling, you can explore the white wilderness on your own. See below local companies renting snowmobiles.

There are total of 410 km snowmobile routes in the Ylläs region. Over 300 km are under weekly maintenance. From Ylläs you can reach all the way to Norway and the arctic ocean or cross the border to Sweden. But for these type of several day expeditions, we warmly recommend to contact with the local safari companies. 

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For safety, please follow the instructions given by your safari company. Here are some tips to start from:

1. Snowmobile routes are marked with red x-marks

2. It is forbidden to drive snowmobiles outside the marked snowmobile routes. It is also forbidden to drive a snowmobile in the Pallas-Ylläs National Park or on the Äkäslompolo lake.

3. The speed limit is 60 km/h. In populated areas and the area around Ylläs the speed limit is 30 km/h.

4. Always drive on the right hand side.

5. Watch out for reindeers and oncoming traffic. Please allow the reindeers to leave the route at their own pace. 

6.  Always keep safety equipment, spare clothes, food and drinks with you.

7. Routes in Ylläs are mainly in the wilderness and there might not be mobile connections in every place.

8. When crossing a frozen lake, take extra precaution