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Northern Lights

Look up in the sky during the dark hours. First you might see just a mild color on the sky. Soon it might brighten up and dance around the sky, change shape and color and lit the scenery. Northern lights are unforgettable view! They make one feel small in the world.

Northern Lights Season: late August to early April, every dark and clear night

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Best places to see Northern Lights in Lapland

In Ylläs you often see Aurora Borealis right from the accomodation you are staying. To maximize the experience head to open place. Below are your top recommendations. You can check Aurora Forecast before heading out, but no matter the aurora forecast the most important thing is to spend time out watching the clear sky. Chance for northern lights is always very high! 


Lake Äkäslompolo

Lake Äkäslompolo in the middle of the Äkäslompolo village is very easy to reach. It is one of the best places in Lapland - you have wide open view over the lake with fells Kukatunturi, Kesänkitunturi and Yllästunturi in the background. Enjoy a quiet moment in #yllasswing. Easiest access to Lake Äkäslompolo is from K-market Jounin Kauppa parking lot. Address: Sannanrannantie 3, Äkäslompolo.


Yllästunturin luontokeskuksen avara takapiha sopii erinomaisesti revontulien katseluun

Yllästunturi Visitor Centre Kellokas

Visitor Centre is easy to reach by car. Behind the Visitor Centre is large open wetland from where you get a nice open view of Fell Yllästunturi with it's three peaks. Visitor Centre is great spot for photography as forests and fells makes the photos varied. You can also watch Northern Lights video at Visitor Centre during its opening hours. Address: Tunturintie 54, Äkäslompolo.


Tuomikuru Day Trip Hut

Tuomikuru Day Trip Hut is in open fell area just in the treeline and you get a very good open view to the sky. The hut gives you shelter from wind and fireplace heats up the nicely. Start from Ylläs Ski Resort Ylläsjärvi parking lot and follow marked trail ("Tuomikuru") to the hut. It takes about 45 minutes to get to the hut in the wilderness. Ylläs Ski Resort Ylläsjärvi parking lot address: Iso-Ylläksentie 44, Ylläsjärvi


Fell Kuertunturi

In winter Fell Kuertunturi is number one spot for experienced aurora borealias photographers. Snow covered trees makes the landscape dreamy winter wonderland. You see small Äkäslompolo Village surrounded by fells aka the round finnish mountains. Kuertunturi Snowshoeing Trail starts from Äkäslompolo Chappel. Remeber to take warm clothing and a headlamp. Äkäslompolo Chappel address: Kotivaarantie 4, Äkäslompolo. No summer trail.


When Aurora Borealis can be seen?

In Ylläs, Lapland Aurora season starts in late August and ends in early April. In August nights are getting dark again. Often the greatest Auroras are seen in early season before snow makes the landscape a bit brighter. Dark nights lasts until early April.

On the other hand Polar Night in December and January makes seeing Northern Lights easy because daylight lasts only for few hours (10am-4pm). So during Polar Night you do not need to stay awake late to see northern lights.

On average northern lights are seen 150 nights a year - basicly almost every dark night!

Northern Lights Forecast

Northern Lights story

Local tale tells northern lights start when firefox runs fast on snow. Tail touches snow flakes which turns into northern lights in the sky. Chinese tale believes Aurora Borealis comes out of fight of good and bad dragons. In Japan it is believed making a child under the Auroras makes the children beautiful, smart and good luck. Australian aborginals watched northern lights and believed the gods are dancing on the sky. Inuits on the other hand thought Auroras come from ancester who play ball with sea horse skull. Next time you see northern lights think to what you believe?


Ylläs is great for Auroras

In cities light pollution makes seeing northern lights hard. Best place to see Aurora Borealis is dark and open spot.

Ylläs makes it easier to see northern lights by turning off street lights from 10pm to 6am. When there is very little to no light pollution you have a good change to see northern lights even from your accommodation. Have a warm blanked, cup of warm cocoa and enjoy the views!

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