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Ylläs hiking trails

Ylläslompolo Nature Trail 2,5 km

Starting point: Ylläsjärvi, The bird watching tower of Ylläslompolo. This atmospheric trail runs through an old fir forest to a beautiful pond amidst the wilderness. The signposts on the duckboarded trail have information on meadow culture, old forests and wetlands.

Varkaankuru, Wizard’s Trail 3,5 km

Starting point: Nature Centre Kellokas. If there were to be a ”Finland’s Most Beautiful Nature Trail” competition, one of the medals would have to be awarded in advance: the landscapes and nature of this nature trail on Varkaankuru Ravine are uniquely rich in variety. On Wizard’s Trail, natural phenomena and the world of superstitions go hand in hand. Because of its duckboards and steps, the trail is not physically demanding. Along the way, near the top of Varkaankuru Ravine, you will find a designated campfire spot.

Kiirunankieppi Trail 15 km

Starting point: Nature Centre Kellokas. A magnificent excursion to wonderful fell landscapes awaits! The title of this nature trail comes from kiiruna, which is the Finnish word for the hard-boiled inhabitant of bare fell tops, the ptarmigan. The trail will acquaint you with the geology of the Ylläs area. The lean-to shelter on Varkaankuru Ravine, located slightly off the trail, is a good campfire spot.

Seitakierros Trail 9 km

Starting point: Nature Centre Kellokas. Seitakierros trail tells its visitor about the worldview of the Northern peoples and their relationship with nature. The trail goes around Kellostapuli fell, and its demanding sections are either duckboarded or stepped. The nearby Varkaankuru lean-to shelter is a fine resting place.

Saalistusjotos Trail 5 km

Starting point: Ylläsjärvi, Iso-Ylläs. Saalistusjotos trail is all about the struggle between the prey and the hunter and the ways in which the creation has adapted to the survival situation. The trail is undemanding. Should you get hungry while on the trail, simply pay a visit to the Kahvikeidas lean-to shelter to satisfy your appetite.

Hillapolku Trail 6 km

Starting point: Äkäslompolo, Lake Kesänkijärvi. This trail, encircling Lake Kesänkijärvi, lets you enjoy its breathtaking scenery and get to know the fascinating plant kingdom of Ylläs. Hillapolku, literally “cloudberry trail”, is flat and undemanding and has a designated campfire spot.

Tähtipolku Trail 8 km

Starting point: Äkäslompolo, Lake Kesänkijärvi. On Tähtipolku trail (”star trail”), located on Kesänkitunturi fell, you’re allowed to aim for the stars, because the subject matter involved is not from this Earth – it is time to look up to the skies! Celestial tales are the topic of this trail that begins in the parking lot by Lake Kesänkijärvi and goes up Pirunkuru Ravine to Kesänkitunturi fell and further to the lean-to shelter on Tahkokuru Ravine. Pirunkuru Ravine is challenging and it is one degree more difficult to climb up.

Saivonkierros Trail 3 km

Starting point: Aakenuksentie road, the River Äkäsjoki. You can get to know the magnificent landscapes of Äkässaivo easily by taking the Saivonkierros trail. There awaits one of the most awe-inspiring seita rocks in Lapland and Äkässaivo, a crystal clear pond. According to an old Lappish belief, Äkässaivo was inhabited by the dead (the saivo people), who lived a happy life on the shores of the “mirror image lake” located on the other side of a hole at the bottom of the deep lake. Along the trail is a cozy Laplander’s hut.

Volcano Park 1,5 km

Starting point: Aakenuksentie, Linkupalo. In the distant past, the fells of Ylläs were mountains not unlike those in the Alps. And to top it all off, there have also been volcanoes on Ylläs! The bedrock of Linkupalo tells geological tales about the volcanic eruptions that occurred over 2 billion years ago. It is nice to think about the ancient times of glowing lava in the warmth of the Laplander’s hut located at the starting point of the trail.

Aakenus Hiking Nature Trail 17 km

Starting point: Totovaara. Old forests, aapa mires and open fell landscapes – this trail shows the nature of northeast Lapland at its most beautiful. The signposts on the trail acquaint you with the fauna, geology and cultural history of the area. Good places for eating are the Moloslehto reindeer cabin and the Niritsankuusikko resting place.

Joutsenpolku Trail 6 km

Starting point: Totovaara. This nature trail, beginning in the parking lot of Totovaara, acquaints you with local birds, mammals, fish and other interesting things. A bird watching tower is located along the trail by Lake Lalvajärvi. You will meet plenty of bird buddies, seeing as over 80 bird species have been observed on Joutsenpolku trail (”swan trail”).

For additional information on all hiking routes contact Nature Centre Kellokas.