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Long hiking trips

Ylläs–Pallas 72 km ( + Pallas–Hetta 55 km)

Starting point: Nature Centre Kellokas
You can see Lapland at its most beautiful by taking the marked trail from Ylläs through the entire Pallas–Yllästunturi National Park. If your schedule does not allow a week’s hiking trip, you can always choose a section of the trail that suits you. The resting places along this peaceful trail are Laplander’s huts, wilderness huts and cabins.

Ylläs–Levi 50 km

Starting point: Nature Centre Kellokas
The travel centres of Fell Lapland are a comfortable walking distance away from each other. Highlights of the route between Ylläs and Levi include the ravines surrounding Lainiotunturi fell with their spring creeks, the fish-rich clear watered Lake Pyhäjärvi and the great Kätkätunturi fell. The route is undemanding. If you like, you can also go and reach for the skies, because there are seven different fells to take a detour to and conquer.

Ylläs–Olos 54 km

Starting point: Nature Centre Kellokas
For the first part of the trip you will stroll amid the most beautiful fell landscapes of Ylläs. Next, the trail takes you along the River Äkäsjoki to Äkäsjoki Water Mill, where the mill café is open during holiday seasons. The rest of the trail runs
in uneven forest terrain past the wilderness huts of Juuvanrova, Kuusikonmaa and Pahtavaara to the Olos Holiday Resort.

For additional information on all hiking routes contact Nature Centre Kellokas.