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Hiking and Trekking in outstanding landscape

Hike on marked trails, reach the fells tops, cross wetlands along boardwalk and learn about the nature on the nature trails. There is plenty different trails to choose from. While hiking listen birds singing, inhale fresh scent of forest and note sound of gravel under neath your shoes. Pack a snack and enjoy it while looking at dramatic fell landscapes. You can also visit some Ylläs Wilderness Cafes during summer months. After a day out in the nature warm sauna and comfortable bed is luxury.

Best Hiking Season: June-September


The most popular National Park in Finland

Ylläs is proud of its scenery and pure nature. The Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park protects the seven fells profile. Most of the nature trails and routes are located in the National Park and they will take you to the most beautiful sceneries and sights. For a reason it is the most popular National Park in Finland, but don't worry there is still _a lot_ space for every visitor.


Selected & Best Trails

Take a closer look of best hiking trails and nature trails in Ylläs Trail Finder. Use filters to see trails suitable for families and accessible trails suitable for wheelchair.

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Summer in Ylläs, Lapland

Spring starts in May. Every thing is still covered with snow, but at the same you will hear water flowing down the fells. Birds and animals wakes up and it definately feels like spring.

In June most snow is gone and trails are ready and dry for hiking and mountain biking. Midnight sun shines 24/7 making it possible to hike through out the day and to wonder its mellow light.

Sun sets again in June, which is often nice and warm month - warm in finnish standards, around 20-30 celsius. Slowly in nights become nights again. Northern lights season starts in late August as soon as nights are dark again. August is also harvest season for berries and mushrooms, which are really pure and healthy in Finland.

September brings autumn colors "ruska" to the fells. Eveything is vivid yellow, orange and deep red. Nature prepares itself for winter, taking all usable nutritions back from leaves to branches and this makes the colors change. Extremely beautiful time, too.

First snow falls often mid-late October. Summer Trails are slowly covered by thicker and thicker white layer of snow. Lakes freezes and so might the trails, so now it is good time to take easy, do just short trips around. Proper winter is due in November.