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Gondola in the summer and in the winter

The "Ylläs 1" gondola lift is the pride of Sport Resort Ylläs. It is foremost among ski lifts in Finland, by any measure. It can carry guests two kilometres to the top, to an altitude of 719 metres, in as little as seven minutes!

The rise to the top with the gondola offers a breathtaking view of the landscape. It also offers guests an excellent opportunity to plan their next descent from a bird's eye view.

Taking the gondola only requires a regular ski pass. Guests can also buy a round-trip pass. With a round-trip pass guests can ride up to the top, admire the view, perhaps visit the Ylläskammi café restaurant for some refreshments, and then take the gondola back down.

In the summer time, the gondola is popular with hikers and downhill bikers, and in spring hang-gliders come for the spring winds.

The gondola lift is wheelchair accessible and can take a perambulator. Some of the cabins are dog friendly.

Please note that all of Sport Resort Ylläs' slopes can be descended from the top of the fell and from the gondola's top station.


Sauna Gondola

The world´s only Sauna Gondola offer a spectacular view and sauna experience in Ylläs1 Gondola. It will leave from the top and take you to 20 minute round down to the skiing centre and back to the top.

At Sport Resort Ylläs, guests can also enjoy the world's only sauna gondola lift. This is a unique, unforgettable experience.

Ending a day of skiing with a sauna bath taken while suspended between heaven and earth, overlooking the amazing Lapland landscape, defies description. It undoubtedly leaves bathers with a tale to tell!

The sauna gondola is booked together with the sauna at Café Gondol 718, which is at the top of the fell. Guests get three tours with the gondola. Each tour lasts about 20 minutes. The gondola can take four people at a time, and the sauna at Café Gondol 718 can be booked for up to 12 people.

The sauna at Café Gondol 718 has a room with a fireplace, showers, and a heated outdoor whirlpool bath. It also has an amazing view and lucky guests might even get to see the Northern Lights!

The exclusive sauna experience begins and ends with a snowcat ride to and from the summit. Guests who wish to make the experience even more special are recommended to cap the evening off with a luxurious meal of local delicacies in the Ylläskammi restaurant (by reservation only).


Renting the sauna gondola and the sauna at the top costs €1350 (includes 24% VAT).

The price for renting just the sauna at the top - the highest place you will find a sauna in Finland - starts at €150 (includes 24% VAT).

For more information and reservations, see: Ylläskammi.