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Ylläs has great fishing spots for every season year-round. Whether you want to fish in flowing water, in a clear mountain lake or a small forest pond, Ylläs is your choice. Ylläs has countless lakes, ponds, rivers and small creeks to which put in real test your fishing skills. And Ylläs is only a short drive from one of Finland's best salmon rivers, the Tornio-Muonio River.


Guided fishing trips

If you are not familiar to the fishing waters in Ylläs book a fishing guide. Our local guides have the best knowledge of how, when and where to fish to get the catch of your dreams. Learn the secrets for salmon rowing at Tornio-Muonio River with Lappean Lohi. This good old times activity is a favourite sport of many Finns, one of the must do's during your travel. In Ylläs you can also explore fly fishing or ice fishing at winter time with professional local fishing guides. 


Fishing permits

Please remember that to fish in Finland, you must follow the rules and regulations of the Finnish government. This includes buying valid fishing licence. See Minimum catch sizes and protection periods - Erä

Ylläs has two different fishing areas, river Äkäsjoki and lake Kesänkijärvi. Both areas has their own regulations and own fishing licences.

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Ice fishing in winter

Have tried fishing on frozen lakes in winter? Drilling a whole and waiting for bite on snowy landscape is timeless. Ice usually lasts until May. Great spots for winter fishing are