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Planning your skiing trip and safety

The lights on the  illuminated skiing trails are on from 7am to 10 pm.

Always tell someone where you are going and what time you plan to return. 

Always use the appropriate clothing. Weather can change very quickly in the fell regions.

Choose the correct trail by taking into account your health and skills, difficulty of the route and weather conditions.

Always keep with you an up-to date cross-country skiing trail map and a mobile telephone.

Others also use the trail
Please, give consideration to other users.
A faster skier shall always avoid a slower skier.
Do not use the skating style of skiing on trails made for traditional styles.
Please be friendly and polite towards other skiers.

Follow the correct direction
Ski on the right-hand trail.
Pass other skiers on the left.
Follow the signs and stay on the marked trails.

Keep your distance
Do not ski right behind another skier. This is especially important for downhill sections.

Do not stop on the trail
If you take a break, please move off the trail, or preferably stop at the campfire spot and skiing trail. If you fall, get up quickly and move off the trail. Fix the trail if necessary.

When skiing down hills, please remember
Do not change lanes during a downhill descent. Calculate each downhill section and go no faster than you feel comfortable with
An ascending skier always gives way to a descending skier. Please be especially careful in icy conditions

You are obliged to provide assistance
If you notice an accident, you must stop and help. Also help others in any other situation if necessary. If the rescue services are required, please call the emergency number 112.

The cross-country skiing trail is intended for skiing only. It is strictly forbidden to use cross-country skiing trails as walking routes
Dogs may only be allowed on cross-country skiing trails intended for this purpose.

Please remember
Each skier skis at their own risk in the terrain.
Please make sure your cabin’s cross-country skiing trail fee has been paid.