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Mountain Biking

The Ylläs mountain bike trails have a range of difficulty levels. You can enjoy some of the finest mountain biking experiences available, by conquering the Kukastunturi fell. Surrounded by Finnish taiga, this fell offers fast trails and stunning scenery. The long-awaited Ylläs-Levi mountain bike trail, which runs through the Pallas-Ylläs National Park, was opened in the summer of 2015. It has been possible to drive in certain parts of the Pallas-Ylläs National Park since June 2017, and several other cycling routes and destinations are located nearby. Ask Ylläs’s Tourist Information for details on other mountain bike trails.

Ylläs’s mountain bike trail map provides information on mountain bike routes and their difficulty levels; these maps are sold by local firms, and by Tourist Information at the Yllästunturi Visitor Centre Kellokas, in the summer and autumn. The income from map sales is used to maintain and develop trails and tracks.

Get started with the following trail tips...

1. Äkäslompolo - Kukastunturi - Kotamaja - Äkäslompolo

This trail offers enjoyable changes of altitude via the top of the Kukastunturi fell (around 480 metres above sea level). The trail begins along an easy, gravel path from Äkäslompolo, which soon becomes a wide cross-country road. Then, from the Karila junction, it rises gently towards the Kukastunturi fell. The route passes through a magnificent old pine forest. This gravelled trail enables easy riding. However, the final climb to the top of the fell is noticeably steeper and will raise the heart-rate of even the most hardened riders. The view from the top is beyond compare! A fell landscape will stretch out before you in every direction - relax and enjoy the view after your tough climb.

The route continues downwards from the Kukastunturi fell towards Kotamaja. The trail is still gravelled and is very fast in places. You will need to be alert as you descend towards Kotamaja! Before reaching its destination, the route steepens considerably until you find yourself riding on a gravelled trail by a marsh, towards the Kotamaja rest stop.

From Kotamaja, the trail continues along a small rise towards Hangaskuru. An easy, rolling, wide trail opens out after the climb. The route undulates through majestic forest, before finally descending to the Hangaskuru lean-to shelter. From there, a gravel trail turns towards Lainiovuoma, soon merging into a gentle descent towards the Karila junction and Äkäslompolo.

This trail of over 20 kilometres covers varied terrain, from forest trails to stunning views from the bare fell top. Most of the trail is gravelled, making it suitable for all types of mountain bike. There is a hut and a lean-to along the route.

2. Äkäslompolo-Pyhäjärvi-Äkäslompolo

The fantastic mountain bike trail from Äkäslompolo to Lake Pyhäjärvi will take you through the spectacular Pallas Yllästunturi national park. You can opt for a harder start over the Kukastunturi fell, or take a gentler route to the Pyhäjärvi trail via Hangaskuru. Once past Kukastunturi or Hangaskuru, the trail continues towards Lake Pyhäjärvi. A stunning single track runs across the flank of the Lainiotunturi fell, rolling rapidly through the sparse forest on the fell’s lower reaches. From there, the trail descends to a fresh stream at the base of a rugged gorge. This is the perfect place to fill your water bottle! The gorge is challenging for mountain bikers due to the occasional muddy or slow stretch. You can ride along the duckboards on the muddiest sections of the trail.

Pyhäjärvi is a great place to take a break - a Metsähallitus cabin, two huts and two lean-to shelters can be found by the lake. An enjoyable trail runs around Lake Pyhäjärvi and you can ride all the way to the parking area at the far end. In the Kolmentunturi gorge on the way back, you can once again choose between climbing the Kukastunturi fell or taking the easier Hangaskuru trail.