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Aurorarestaurant Poro

Restaurant Poro Traditional Lappish food culture - new meals Restaurant is open from 30.11.2017 every day from 1pm until 10pm (kitchen 1pm-9pm). Closed for the summer beginning 1st of May, until next winter season. Our restaurant has all alcoholic beverages license. There is room in the restaurant for about 80 diners.

Traditional food culture – new meals The heart of Ylläs Lapp village is The Northern lights Restaurant" Poro". As it's finnish name "Reindeer" indicates, it cherishes the traditional Lappish food culture, nevertheless it has an open door to the world as well. Where ever the winds may blow from in a fell, we aim at perfection as being the best traditional food serving restaurant in this area. Our head chefs has done some careful research of the Sami people food culture, how they used to prepare their meals, what kind of raw material they used etc. As a result of the research, there are some probably quite unknown courses to many in our menu, but of course, the traditional restaurant raw materials and meal choices are found also. Even though some new trends from the south came with our chef Jaana, our main principle is that we do not offer anything, no matter how trendy, if you can not even understand some of the names of the raw materials. We do not practice trickery, instead we offer original tastes and nice setups. Our use of raw materials when preparing reindeer courses is very versatile. Probably the roasts, fillets and tenderloins are the most well known, but we also offer interesting choices of meals prepared from for example cold smoked reindeer meet and warm smoked reindeer liver, elk and bear. These kind of courses are rarely available anywhere, and are definitely worth of tasting. As far as the fish choices, we offer white fish and salmon in various different forms. We use Lapland root crops, mushrooms, berries and other natural products to go with the fish and other meal choices too. For those who prefer light meals, we prepare dishes from mushrooms and root crops, accompanied by for example, special lettuce.