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Ylläs Around

Mobile applications are under developent and will continue on December 2017!

Routing, schedules and tickets!

The Ylläs Around - Travel Services – help you to travel easily in the Ylläs area.  The smartphone application helps you to find different options for each desired journey, showing all available modes of transport and schedule for those.

You can select your preferred option and purchase tickets for your journey through the application, whether you are travelling by bus, taxi or a combination of separate transport options. You can even choose to share your taxi with others and benefit from lower prices.

Type your current location and destination. Select the date and time when you want to start your journey. You'll get the possible options.

To try this on your smartphone, download the application here:


Here are some examples of the types of journey you might take. Prices are shown as you browse.
- From Kittilä airport or Kolari railway station to your cottage (from each flight and train).
Start out by bus, then switch to a taxi which will be awaiting your arrival in Ylläs.

- From your cottage or hotel to Lainio Snow Village (Mondays and Thursdays). 
With the Ylläs Around application you can book a taxi for this journey and benefit from lower costs by sharing the taxi with other people wanting to visit on the same day, traveling together for less.

- From your accommodation to the Konijänkä farm petting zoo (Mondays and Thursdays) or to the shops or other destinations around the village.

Please notice that you may not enter the airport or train shuttle buses with your skiing shoes on.

Ylläs Around is currently a pilot service, supported by the Finnish Transport Agency, the municipality of Kolari, Ylläs Travel Association and Semel Oy. The aim is to provide easy central access to transport services in Ylläs so that visitors can easily move around the village and local attractions without needing a car. The service aims to expand in stages, so that eventually the entire travel chain from home to holiday accommodation can be managed through a single application, and potentially billed as one with the accommodation. 
The first phase of the experiment was conducted in the spring of 2016. The winter season 2016-2017 service is running from November 2017 to beginning of May 2017.

Please send any comments, suggestions or questions to